Painting & Decorating Services

We work in Predominantly 3 areas in the commercial sector:

  • Hospitality

    Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Retail

  • Commercial

    Office Space Banks, Offices, Government Buildings

  • Health

    Numerous Hospitals throughout Leinster

The number one thing above all else in all those areas is not to disturb the public. We offer a service whereby the public and clients will not know we were there. Whether it is a night service, early mornings, weekends the employee’s of 13 painting contractors will do a very thorough and clean job ready for the next days business and at a reasonable price.

We have done extensive works in hospitals and hotels where the Public is the number one responsibly to care for. Where odours of paints are kept to a minimum, noise restrictions, time limits for work to be done, we can do the lot.

Our Clients